West African Data & Metadata Repository

Welcome to UNDESERT's West African Data & Metadata Repository. This is the data warehouse module of UNDESERT's online data platform (WP4). Entries can be viewed by the public and entered with a registered account (Login).

You may search the data catalog without being logged into your account, but will have access only to "public" data.
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Plants & People
Vegetation, Collection, Flora, Dendrometry, Traits Plant Use, Household, Population, Protected Area, Land Use


Soil Type, Distribution, Sahel, Savanna, Woodland, Forest Climate Change, Indicator, Diversity

This repository is based on the Metacat software developed by the Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity (KNB) and houses (1) metadata compliant with Ecological Metadata Language and (2) attached data with public or private access. It is using the data structure of the BiK-F Data and Metadata repository to create synergies and ensure long-term support.
The other modules of UNDESERt's online data platform are the West African Vegetation and the West African Plants Database.
Please cite the portal as follows: West African Data and Metadata Repository (2013): http://metacat.senckenberg.de/database/style/skins/undesert/index.jsp / accessed dd/mm/yyyy.