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Welcome to the Senckenberg Data & Metadata Repository. Entering data requires an account (see Login). Data can be entered via Webform. This is a quick way to provide Senckenberg's researchers with information about the existence of your data and to upload this information (together with the data) to our repository. Alternatively, you can create more elaborately described data packages by using the desktop application Morpho (recommended).

You may search the data catalog without being logged into your account, but will have access only to "public" data.
Enter a search phrase to search for data sets in the data catalog, or simply browse by category using the links below. You can use the '%' character as a wildcard in your searches.


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This repository is based on the Metacat software developed by the Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity (KNB), and houses metadata that are compliant with Ecological Metadata Language (EML).